Why Moss Removal is Crucial to Extending the Life of Your Roof

Moss removal and annual maintenance is crucial to maintaining the life expectancy of your roof.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, moss is no stranger to us! It builds up anywhere, everywhere and on everything.  It not only looks bad, but it can cause quite a bit of damage to your home, especially your roof.

Let’s start with where moss likes to grow.

Moss thrives on moisture and little sunlight so it will grow just about anywhere. You may notice moss growth on parts of your roof that get the most shade particularly in damp, dark and cool areas.  The best way to avoid damage to your roof and further build-up of moss, is annual maintenance.

How does moss damage your shingles?

While moss may have some positive effects in certain environments, your roof is not one of them.  Moss holds moisture and any moisture or standing water on your shingles causes them to deteriorate quicker.

Moss can build-up on top of your shingles, as well as under the shingles and in small cracks.  As the moss continues to grow, it pushes the shingles up, away from the roof deck allowing water to seep in.  If shingles have been lifted or start curling, they can catch the wind and be blown away or torn off.  Excessive water damage can cause mold, rotten plywood and other leaks.

How do you get rid of Moss? Let’s begin with what NOT to do.

Do not pressure wash or scrape moss away from your shingles unless you want the shingles to go with it!  Pressure washing or scraping removes the granules on your shingles which are essential to protecting the shingles from sunlight, weather and other environmental hazards.

There are many chemicals out there you can use to remove moss from your roof, but these chemicals are hazardous and cause damage to your roof and your landscape.  This is why we use the eco-friendly Roof Shampoo System that gently washes away moss and algae leaving your roof and your landscape, clean and healthy.  Annual maintenance is key to ensuring the life of your roof.

Why you should have your roof cleaned by Mark’s Custom Exteriors:

  • Long-term savings – Avoid extra expenses in an early roof replacement. Maintaining your roof by keeping it clean with annual maintenance keeps your roof life expectancy and may even extend it.
  • Keep your insurance – Insurance companies want to maintain your roof just as much as you do. If they feel excessive dirt or moss build-up may be causing damage, they may cancel your policy.
  • Trained and Certified Professionals – Mark’s has been trained and certified by Roof Shampoo® so you know you’re getting an experienced and knowledgeable professional.
  • Full Assessment of Your Roof – We want to make sure your roof is in tiptop shape! When we provide estimates, we feel it is important to perform a thorough examination of your entire roof’s integrity.

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