William H.

My 16 year old roof failed and started leaking during a rainy period. I was very concerned for potential damage to my home to say the least. Mark came out and assessed my roof and gave me a quote. Before I indicated that I was going to select his firm for the new roof, he had a crew come out with rubber roofing and patch my roof so it wouldn’t leak. Wow!

His crew was efficient, professional and did awesome work. Mark identified defects in the roof that were present from the day the house was built and corrected them. For instance, the bathroom vents exhausted through 2 of the only 4 roof vents in the structure. They installed the proper vents for these. The roof in general did not have enough ventilation and was causing mold problems as a result. They fixed this as well. Now the front part of my home upstairs is no longer an oven on warm days. The plumbing vent boots were only 1 1/2 years old and were cheap and installed incorrectly. They identified and fixed this. They replaced damaged roof sheeting. My roof had a difficult flat portion that had asphalt shingles on it – this is where the roof was leaking. They roofed this with a high end roofing product and I’ll never have to worry about it again.
The whole job took only 2 days for a complete tear off, repair, and reroof. At the end of the 2nd day when they left, my yard was spotless. I’m a very picky consumer so I don’t share these praises lightly. Now I have a roof with a 50 year all-in warranty. This will transfer to the new owner of the home when we sell and should increase my home value.
Thanks for awesome work.